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With juggling sales, manufacturing, payroll and accounting just to name a few areas, you have multiple contacts, plenty to do and little time to get IT done. Lack of automatization may be disrupting workflow and compromising your bottom line.

We specialize in delivering custom solutions for the industrial sector. We provide the know-how for the initial installation, as well as upgrades on existing infrastructure, to enhance your operations.

Would you like to keep your business up to date, but not be depending on expensive, exclusive suppliers or manufacturers?
We conduct a thorough yet grounded assessment before we weigh-in on all options and then assist you in selecting the most efficient one to suit your specific needs.

Working with us brings IT

We offer you an all-round carefree package with application software and backup/cloud.

The application software simplifies the administration in its entirety in order to work even more effectively. In the plumbing and construction industry as well as the automotive sector, this ready-to-operate solution has proven itsself many times over and can easily be adapted to other industries. We are happy to offer you a complete IT solution.

Choose your poison

Thanks to the magic of the iPhone and AppleWatch, Apple is more popular than ever before. But the new Windows 11 also provides Microsoft with a big boost, as the rapidly increasing user numbers show. This is reason enough to make a comparison between the two operating systems, and also a good time for a reality check: are Apple's iMacs and Macbooks a real PC alternative?

Do you not know whether your new computer should be a low-cost Windows PC or a more expensive Apple Mac? We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the respective products. Whether Windows or Apple server, iMac or Windows clients, with our experts you will arrive to the right purchase decision, the most efficient solution for your company.

Plan B: Back-up solutions

The word Backup describes storage of backup-worthy data. It is done on a regular basis, away from the actual location. For businesses backup data storage is today inevitable. We help you to find the right solution for your company from the large selection of backup programs, external storage media and online alternatives.

IT Support and Administration

When you outsource your IT support or other IT solutions, it is crucial to know, what services you receive for your money. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) documents the services and standards we commit to our customers. These include the guaranteed response time, availability, preferred treatment and defined emergency plan.

Whether over the phone, via remote connection or physically present on site, we go out of our way to secure a reliable and smooth workflow for you.

Professional training

The fast-paced nature of IT and the complexity of some IT applications, specifically in terms of stabilization and security, adds challenges to the generally hectic working day. There is little time to take care of new IT tools and processes, not to mention IT programs and operating systems, all which are rapidly changing these days.

Our training team will analyze your requirements quickly to help you adapt to the latest trends, so that your business is always up to date.


Enterprise Resource Planning integrates a variety of business applications and operational data that are processed and stored in a central database. ERP systems consist of IT systems that communicate with one another and provide an overview of the business processes and available resources. All the necessary subsystems for the individual company areas such as procurement, production, sales, asset management, human resources, finance and accounting are combined in a single software.

We support you in finding the right solution and integrate it into your business if desired.

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