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We advise SMEs in a wide variety of industries and technologies, be it the latest hardware or software or have gotten older. For areas we don’t cover, we work together with qualified partners.

Thanks to our report system, we are able to invoice our services in detail and in exact minutes.

DCCTEC is a purely Swiss-based company and our portfolio covers whole Switzerland.

When it comes to working with us, we make it our business to understand yours.

Daniel P. Cepeljnik, CEO

Transparency and engagement is our credo

Regardless of the nature of your operation – big or small, manufacturing or retail, products or services - we are the partner you can always rely on. Our methodology combines best-fit technology with tailor-made solutions that are engineered for the optimization and safety of your organization.

We simplify the entire administration to increase your productivity.

Our values

As your organization grows and changes, so do the specifications of the IT systems. You may need new infrastructure development, a bigger server or simply to update your existing IT platform. More often than not, customers are steered towards an unnecessarily oversized package, making them incur unnecessary costs. 

We conduct a thorough yet grounded assessment before we weigh-in on all options and then assist you in selecting the most efficient one to suit your specific needs.

Studies show that vulnerable data and/or infrastructure can invite misfortune, causing widespread collateral damage and leading to extremely high costs. 

At DCCTEC, we take pride in making IT safe.

We secure your operations against loss with an ‘all-in-one’ Backup Solution guarded by our state of the art encryption. We work with a specially designed container, glass fiber connection, providing up to hourly saves supported by secondary back-ups to a secret location. 

No effort is too big in protecting the integrity of your business.

IT failures can quickly become expensive! - Loss of sales, cost of personnel and worst of all good customer relationships. At DCCTEC, we put your needs first.

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